llamamama productions
vision. rhythm. voice.

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About Us

Founded in 2010, we are a female-owned video production company based out of Portland, Oregon USA. Our background is documentary filmmaking. Our playground is the world. Our bread and butter is creating genuine connections with the people and places we explore. Videographers, producers, and friends, we specialize in collaborating with others to create engaging stories.

into. through. beyond.
exploring the art of storytelling




Bouncing ideas gets you places. Kickstart with a bang!


We create pathways, possible options to fulfill your vision.


You’ve got the vision. We bring it to life.

Post Production

We specialize in blending vision, rhythm, and voice.

We Design

A team of creative professionals ready to roll.. (more…)

We Manage

We’ll create and manage your online presence.. (more…)

Who We Are

Ivana Horvat


Adrian Hopffgarten



If you have a project you would like to discuss,
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Every day we wake,
we step into the unknown.
By collaborating and creating,
we take charge of the future.

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